What a Mother Feels When Her Daughter Walks The Aisle

by | May 8, 2017 | Life Happens, Motherly Experience

When she is walking down the aisle and you can’t stop thinking, “God, it’s over.”

Parents always protect their kids. I know that. I am a parent too! And, this protection extends to everything. It could be an assignment from school while in kindergarten to choices they made in their life – a dress, a course, a partner in life.

I know, parents should not deal much on how their kids decide, but we just can’t help it when we know that they are doing the wrong thing.

Sometimes, I feel that I am overprotective, and I really wanted to loosen up. Just like today, a wedding day. Let me share with you another motherly experience.

One day, I received a call. She said, “I am going to get married”.

I wanted to say, “Whattt?”, but her happiness was so contagious. I laughed too just by listening to her happy voice. “Oh, that is good. When are you planning to do it“, I asked.

But as days go by, everything sunk in and I realized – this is bad! I am sure all parents understand the feeling that I feel right now. I am talking about the feeling when you get to watch your daughter walk down the aisle and there is nothing you can do, but say, “God, it’s over. Please guide my daughter in whatever she does.”

This is just anxiety all pouring in. I know wedding days are supposed to be happy, but I just couldn’t help but worry.

It’s Sunday. We need to wake early. There are a lot of things to prepare.

Thinking all the preparations we had before this day enticed me to stay in bed. It was so tiring. The rehearsals, choosing a wedding dress, the pictorials, the wedding sites, wedding invitations. And, oh the shoes! That one just infuriates me. Imagine, we had to look into different stores just to get what she likes.

“Why can’t she just wear anything? Grrrr!”, I silently complained. Ultimately, I thought “There is no use of the complaints. Anyway, she is very happy and, of course, very excited”.

Though, I really wanted to say, “No!” I can see what is inside her when she looked at me in the eyes and her eyes smiled at me. I whispered to myself, “I don’t want to be a hindrance to her happiness”. So here we go.


So he walks down the aisle so happy

And everyone looks back and waited for the bride

And here’s the bride

As she walked, I silently murmured, “It’s almost over”, but everything was not really over even after the priest said, “You may now kiss the bride”.

Yes, it’s true. There are pictorials still and I was so afraid she might not able to mingle well. She’s a very shy girl and this is her first time to walk down the aisle and socialize with other people. Good thing she made it and I am so proud of her! Here she is.

Tatyana in her first wedding walk as a flower girl.

Oh, I haven’t told you, my daughter was a flower girl in my best friend’s wedding. Before the wedding, we did a lot of rehearsals on how to throw flowers, wave, and smile. I even show her a lot of videos on youtube of flower girls doing their job on the wedding day. We quarreled when we bought the shoes. She really wants a sparkly one! (Sigh) Girls!

I help my friend as well in her wedding preparations.


Tatyana Carreon before the wedding starts

Tatyana Carreon before the wedding starts

Tatyana and me outside the church

Tatyana on the aisle-inviting her father to walk with her

Tatyana is whispering to her father. She says. “I think I look so fab today!”

Tatyana sitting with the other flower girls

Tatyana acted shocked and surprised. How can you be shy when you can do this?

Me and my friends

Me, reading the bible

Tatyana was so camera shy! I need to pull her out in the next pictorial.

At the reception, my family with the newly weds!

Photo Credit for Featured Image: Wedding Party App

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