It’s January again and, most probably, you’ve made up your New Year’s resolution. Do you find it hard to stick to it? Do you start it with this banner?

       New Year, New Life

It is the clichéd phrase every January first. People all over the world tend to magnify ideals. Well, some people do some things to change the usual. They try to redefine their lives. They choose to fight the challenges brought on their faces. Sad to say, these people, often step back when the real problem exists, raise their shoulders and just let it pass. You might ask “Why?”

The answer is actually simple. Sometimes, we are not strong enough to win the challenge.


What New Year Brings

Have you ever asked yourself what will you be or do this year? Or, what good can this year bring to you? If you did, then, that is good, it means that you are aware of the things that are happening around. But, for sure, you had asked the same questions last year, and maybe, you have been figuring the answer to that question in the last five years. Another sure thing that will happen is that you will get stuck to your ideals like you were in the previous years, a gloomy reality like the following:




fireworks display

Celebrate to be Celebrity

You have welcomed the New Year with a bang and hosted a party where fireworks were great! Why not? You were so happy about everything and you were so positive about what this year may bring to you.

While it’s essential to stay positive as possible, overdoing it to the extent of compromising other important things is another level.


Swore to Change

Or, the most common, you stick to the ideals in life and swore to correct the bad habits you had in the past years, which is a-must-be. Doing so, you started it by making a list of the things you wanted to change. Here is the common ideal that possibly hit the World’s Record as the most wished of all.

Spend Less

1. The first New Year resolution is to spend less and stop the shop-a-holic figure. This sounds so rich when the world becomes poorer. You spend much and you got a huge balance on your credit card. This must be stopped. You become a spendthrift of your own labor. Value it and must focus on saving money, if not more savings, for future uses such as education, home improvement, emergencies in the future, or retirement.

Stay Fit

2. The second, most common New Year resolution is to go to the gym every day starting January second, if possible. Well, health is wealth, so why not? The benefits of staying fit and healthy as much as possible are needless to stress.

No smoke,please

3. This is not an advertisement of electronic cigarette or any other alternatives, but the promise of keeping away from smoking has been bruised so for long and has been landed in the first rank in every smoker’s list of bad habits to be gotten rid of. Smoking is bad for your health. It contains chemicals such as tar and nicotine that can cause damage to the lungs and other organs in your body.

Say YES to sober

4. This is another glorified slogan in every New Year. You started hating Friday nights and your besties in the bar because you don’t want to go home figuring how you’ll do that or worse, the idea of waking up somewhere you don’t recognize. When most people carry their selves in a more like regular manner, some people cannot handle things when drunk. You should, then, moderate drinking if that’s the case.

Be more organized

5. People promise to be more organized since they littered all year long. They even find it hard to find the remote control to their TVs, got a double meeting in the next hour, or totally forgot the chicken in the oven because you have been so busy doing things that should not be done in that very hour. Organizing and planning is a must-have attitude. Keeping away from clutters could mean saving Mother Earth.

Study more

6. For the students, their New Year resolution is to study every day and to do their homework before watching their favorite TV Series. But often, they just ended up hanging out in their social media accounts!
(Hey, Guilty here!)


Undeniably, we welcome the New Year with the usual attitudes. It may be a time to change for the better and finally do all the things that we should have done years ago.


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