So Broke

by | May 8, 2017 | Confession of a Spouse, Life Happens

As a wife, I handle everything at home. “The everything” means all that you can think of! The thing I wanted to emphasize is the budgeting.

I am not an accounting major or taken any degree of commerce. I often think that could be the reason why I always fall short or maybe the source is just too limited. There is a time, I mean always when times have been so cruel, that I forgot where did I put my wallet. Wallet does not benefit me at all, this time. It’s useless to me. I only remember wallets when I came across it while on the department store. While everybody thinks that wallet is the most important part of their bag, I usually left mine at home. That idea sometimes makes me feel sad, but I laugh at that thought.

Let’s see. What does a wallet do? Well, it contains a lot of important things. An organizer! It usually keeps … (thinking) debit cards, credit cards, identification cards, maybe, some coins and paper bills, of course!

But in my case, the ‘of course’ is not usually included. Things are still okay and I’m okay with it. Or maybe, I just got used to it. Until yesterday has come! It’s pay day! So happy about it and here comes my ‘of course’, who wouldn’t?

Now, I’m super busy about budgeting. Early morning before my husband report to his work, he said, “Can I have _____ to pay my debt in the office.” I said, yes. He gets some in the drawer and says, “I’m going.” While doing something in the computer, I asked him how much did he get? My husband, honestly answered, “I got an extra 1,000″. I asked out of disgust, “For what?” like almost shouting. Know what he said? He said, “I would like to put it in my wallet, It’s been a few days empty“. “HAHAHA! I was not alone!”, I thought.

I answered “Okay!”

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