REAL DEAL: How Bought Followers Drop You

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Instagram Hostess, Work At Home

“Buying fake followers is like letting someone hold you on your neck.”


 Who says that? Don’t bother researching who. It’s just from someone who works every day on Instagram and yes it’s me! I’m Allahlea Carreon and I am a Social Media Strategist focusing on Instagram organic follower growth.


I read a post from someone who is struggling to grow his follower count. He says, “I am struggling on my follower count and I do not know what to do anymore. I think of things to write on the comment but I noticed that’s there’s a girl who commented and there are more than 5 replies on that comment thread. I got curious and so I read it. Know what she says? I could not recall the exact words, but it’s something on this line:

 I tried every technique suggested, but the thing that really works is buying an initial of 20,000 followers at a time. 


And my jaw dropped. “She does not know”, the thing that comes to my head. If she only knows what I know, she wouldn’t buy or even suggest it. Here’s what I know. Here’s how bought followers drop you. 

Let me start by asking you this question, “Have you’ve been thinking of ways to instantly become famous on Instagram”. Yes? Do me a favor, please read the next line as slowly as you can.





That’s the truest truth! Unless you are one of the following: 

1. You are famous already and you have no Instagram account yet. So make one and you’ll have massive followers.

2. You are exclusively unique and I am talking about Kirby Jenner level.

3. You do not worry about branding and you’re not selective about what you post, then go and post nude photos. There, I said it. I swear you’ll be famous instantly.

 But if you don’t fall into these categories, then the general rule applies and that is, “there is no such thing as instant fame”.


That’s a fact and people know it. That is also the primary reason why some are tempted to buy followers instead doing it all organically. They think that it’s a good start or it jump-start their career as a blogger, but it doesn’t.  I can’t imagine how you’ll look like when you’ll see bulk or massive of unfollows. 

Here’s what I mean.

I saw this little black dress. It’s my best friend’s birthday next month and I think it really looks great on her. I bought the dress, have it wrapped and give it to my BFF. She said she loves it, but there’s a small tear in the hemline. I took it back to return it. I went to the store, but they said, they don’t have a Return Policy. I, however, can change the dress to another item, the price of which must be equal or higher than the price of the dress.

Now, I got a question. Why do they have an internal policy like that? Well, they want me to spend. They are doing business. Same goes for these sites who sell followers. Their business is to give you fake followers. When you choose to buy any of their packages, they’ll deliver their part of the bargain. I am quite sure they have fake accounts ready to follow you the moment you say “DEAL“.

It’s actually amazing. A hundred followers a day without doing anything is cool, not to mention, you are just spending $35 for a monthly subscription.

But then there will come a day that you will stop. Why? The company that offers that service is closed, just like what happened to Instagress, or you simply want to stop because engagement is low or you simply think the followers you bought are enough to jumpstart your career.

Sorry to tell you, but these companies are doing business! Think of a way, that they can keep you coming back for more?

No idea?

They will slowly unfollow you. Remember that they control these accounts. Today, you got 20 unfollows, the next day, you got 38, 40, 46. and so on. What will be the next thing you’ll do? For the company that you just let go, they only see one option and that is to subscribe again.


Now, that I’ve said what you should know. What will you do?


Organic Followers

YES! From 14K followers, I grow it to 86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret with you.

PS. Everything is organic.

Thank you! Please check your mail!

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