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Joy of Matcha


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Researcher – In-depth research of Matcha Tea.
  • Writer / Content Creator – Creating, validating, and consolidating all gathered information about Matcha tea. A full-blown Matcha documentation.
  • Social Media Manager – Setting up social media accounts and profiles such Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium and more.
  • Blog Manager –  Managing Joy of Matcha WordPress Account – posting and scheduling curated contents on  the blog, moderating comments, and more.

What I love the most in this one is creating a full blown thesis-like documentation of Matcha tea. It has all the information about Matcha from its history, to what is the best Matcha, to the benefits it brings and how it was  done. 


Organic Followers

YES! From 14K followers, I grow it to 86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret with you.

PS. Everything is organic.

Thank you! Please check your mail!

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