Senior English Teacher

 – HongKong/Philippines

51Talk, a premier online English school in China and the Philippines, specializes in providing quality English online training by facilitating collaborative cultural exchanges between its teachers and students.


  • Teach English
  • Create Lesson Memos

Medium used in teaching

QQ, Skype, and 51Talk Airclass


Lesson based class;  Conversational (TV Series talk; Cartoon); Daily English; TOFL; IELTS; Business and Management English; Interview English; Market Leader; Junior English, Kids English


Teaching, Oral Communication, Time Management

02      03   04


  • Teacher’s training: Dealing with A1, A2, and B1 Challenges (July 15, 2015) Level 2, Day 3
  • Teacher’s training: Teaching Vocabulary and Giving Feedback to High Level Learners (July 12, 2015) Level 2, Day 2.
  • Teacher’s training: Increasing Language Awareness (June 6, 2015) Level 2, Day 1
  • Teacher’s training: Language Assessment Calibration (June 6, 2015 Level 2, Day 1
  • Teacher’s training: How to do Effective Warm Up (March 4, 2015) – Level 1, Day 2
  • Teacher’s training: How to Teach Vocabulary Effectively (March 3, 2015) – Level 1, Day 1
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