If you’ll ask me, I am a rockstar in everything I do.  I help entrepreneurs and fashion bloggers in building their brand and growing their audience.

What I Really Do

I  zero client’s pain on repetitive, boring and time-consuming or laborious task so that they can focus on more important things such as but not limited to sponsorship or closing business transactions. I manage social media, strategize campaigns, blogs, and do administrative tasks.

List of What I Do

Social Media Campaigns, Marketing, and Platforms


PLATFORM: LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Facebook Ads &  Campaign Optimization

Pinterest Growth & Email List Boosting

Done-For-You Daily Curated Social Media  Post

Lead Generation through Social Media

Instagram Organic Follower Growth

Blog Management and Content Related Services

Create and Curate Contents:

Blog Contents and Reviews

Copywriting and Article Writing

Email Copy

Blog Management:

Post Set up

Comment Moderation

Web Maintenance (Plugins and themes update)

On-Page SEO

Incorporate Funnels on the site

Opt-In Modules, Landing Pages and Email Marketing Setup


Opt In:

MailChimp, Magic Box, Sumome, Leadboxes, LeadPages, Divi builder, Bloom

Landing Pages:

Wix, Leadpages, Divi Landing Page


Email Marketing Platform


LiketoKnowIt / Reward Style

I can help you use the platform, organize the folder, link the items, analytics, finding similar products and more.

Amazon Product Description & Account Management

I can assist and manage Amazon Seller Central and Associate Accounts, list products to sell in Amazon, and put a product description.

Administrative Task

Manage schedule and email. 

Transcription (preferably, Legal)


Project Management

Clerical Task

Visual Design using Canva

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DISC Personality Type

You have the ability to work with a team and make things happen. You are motivated to improvise and find new solutions. You are resourceful and compelling.

In terms of relationships with others, you are likely to be assertive rather than aggressive..

What One of My Client Says

Ronny Weltens (Belgium)

Ronny Weltens (Belgium)

Pilot | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Consultant

“Hi, I ‘m Ronny! I’ve been working with Allahlea for a couple of months now for several projects of mine, which includes content blog (sites) on a brand new product that we’ve been launching now,  and some Amazon selling as well.

She’s been incharge mostly for all the content writing and research, and she has been doing a wonderful job so far. She’s very easy to work with! She knows her stuff, she knows how Amazon work and what’s important. She has good knowledge of SEO and most importantly she really does a good job.

She accepts criticism and she really wants to improve herself. And yeah so far, it’s all positive and I know that you’ll enjoy working with her too! ”   MORE TESTIMONIALS HERE

Have a project or an idea that I can help you with? Please get in touch!


Dipolog City, Philippines


(065) 906 0190

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Organic Followers

YES! From 14K followers, I grow it to 86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret with you.

PS. Everything is organic.

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