How to Spot Fake or Spam Accounts on Instagram

by | Jul 8, 2017 | Instagram Hostess, Work At Home

Fakes! – They are problems not only in real life but also on Social Media. Sickest part? They exist on all platforms, not just on Instagram.

I am not talking about those people who created a second account which usually does not spam other people. Believe me, there are people who really create a second account to experiment how the post would look like when it’s posted on their real account nor am I talking about those people who want to classify their post or whatsoever. I actually got a friend, who created another account just to post funny stuff. And she calls it, “for entertainment purposes”. We can’t actually call that spamming.

I am talking about those accounts controlled by bots. They are quite annoying and they actually do not help anyone – not your business, not your career, not you.

Unlike before, where it is so hard to identify spam accounts, we can now simply go to a website, enter the username and hit the search to analyze fake accounts. Interested in checking your followers? Here are some suggested sites: Twitter Audit and Fakers From StatusPeople for Twitter and Follower Check for Instagram.

But if you want to identify these accounts manually, then here are some of them.


1. Too Many Accounts Followed 

So here’s an account. Let’s say it’s Peter’s account. He has 2 posts, 58 followers (not bad), 7469 followings.

You are raising your brows. I know, I hope you just misread that but you did not. I am wishing the same too. It’s a WOW, but it’s unimaginable. “How can they follow 8k accounts?”, I asked myself. If it were me, I will not be able to check all those accounts in a week. But that’s just me, what about other people?

So, I checked several Instagram accounts (not less than 100) just to verify my doubts. I make it sure that they are active (aka they have been posting recent photos).  Know what I found? The highest number of following I saw was 1076, but her followers are 8.2K. The followings of those accounts I checked ranges from 100-300 followings. Perhaps, those are the number of accounts people manage to engage with.

Wild Guess: Companies that offer fake followers do not create accounts especially for one account only. They have pre-made accounts for all those people who bought their service. 

2. Spam Comments

One of the most annoying parts of having fake followers is the spam comment. Repeated words or message, repeated image, repeated links, and worse, messages being spelled out one letter per comment leaving you in the position of figuring out what is being said. Bummer, you haven’t figured it out on the first try, you read it again. Not only that, it got funnier when they keep on commenting non-related things which make your brand look cheap.

Aren’t those annoying? Unless comments are not important to you or you’re not spending the time to read and answer comments, well, I guess, you don’t have a problem on this.

3. No (Recent) Activity

Fake accounts are created not to showcase their selves. That is just against their nature. They are simply created to be manipulated by bots, to follow and unfollow. Thus, they haven’t posted recent photos on their account. Well, if it would be me, what’s the point posting or scheduling a post? It’s a fake account after all. Most of them do upload photos, but all of them stop posting after 4 to 6 photos.

So, one way to keep your account from being flagged as fake in Instagram is to keep on posting.

4. Incomplete Data

Unless it has the authentication mark (blue tick), fake accounts do not actually complete their profile. No bio, no profile pic, no full name and no location. Why? Simply because there is no use in doing these things.

In the end, if you’ll look into these factors individually, you really cannot say that those who have fewer photos are fake accounts. It could be because Instagram is not for them and they just open it to keep their selves updated on what is happening every day. It is always better to look into its totality, if you will you can use these identifiers.

 As a summary, here are some facts to look into.

#1 Not all secondary (and so on) accounts are used for spamming.

#2 Keep on posting photos to avoid being flagged as fake on Instagram.

#3 It’s not normal to follow a huge number of accounts. Would you? If you’ve seen an account with a few post and followers and a huge number of followings, most probably it’s a spam account. 

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