How to Make You the Happiest

by | May 8, 2017 | Work At Home

I woke up happy this morning. Got some plans to go out today! Then this news comes. It suddenly makes my world go down! It felt like the earth stops spinning. Why not? Somebody asks me to do the most hateful thing . “I don’t want to do it!”, I wanted to shout. Had you ever been in this situation before? I couldn’t help, but think how am I get myself out of this misery?

How am I going to make myself happy? That question inspires me to write today. I actually make a list and follow the list the whole day! Let us begin.


1. It is all a matter of choice


Happiness, as always been told, is a very elusive emotion. The more you chase it, the more it runs away. But happiness is really a matter of choice! So come and choose to be happy. I was thinking that happiness starts from within. All I have to do is to find that spark inside me.  Stressing and over-thinking about something will only make my day worse.


2. Occupy yourself


Engage in some activities. What is your interest? Dancing, tennis, boxing, writing, or just read lots of books to name a few. Engaging in some meaningful activities will make you less worried and activates your happy hormones. This is where you can release all your worries, stress, and disappointments. So choose well and make your emotional outlet enjoyable. I enjoyed reading and once I am hooked on the book I could stop reading ’till the end.


3. Surround yourself with good and happy people


This is getting more difficult, I know! We cannot wholly control who are those people who come, who stay and who go away. This might be true, but the power still belongs to you. Choose your friends. Among your friends, choose to what category they should belong. Are they your work friend? Or, your get-away friend? This may sound odd, but we want to don’t drag our personal life to all our friends, right? There is always a chosen one. To those who are persistent to stay and make you sad every day, eliminate them (oops, not in a bad way!) You can always keep yourself away.


4. Be the source of happiness


Yes, you are not alone. All of us got our own share of burden too! So inspire other people. Be the light in their life as they are to you!


See you in the happy zone!


Relax and be happy!

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