How Important Images are to your Brand

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Branding, Work At Home

My childhood days are still fresh in my memories. I remembered every time we had family gatherings, taking photos is always one of the best parts. I love looking at their big smiles even though we were taking the photos over again for the tenth time just to have a  perfect shot. But personally, way back those days, I was the camera shy. I was not afraid to be filmed, I just hate how people staring at me even at my photographs; it feels so creepy. So I always have the ugly faces, annoyed, shy, covering my face with my palm, name it and I probably tried them all.

The good thing about those days is that I was not concerned about the quality of images, the message it conveys to people and how will I look in those images, or how should people perceived me and my business when they look at those images.  Those are indeed good times and carefree days. But years passed and today’s generation is a bit different. Young people are conscious of how they look and how people view them out of the photo.

Unconsciously, people give more emphasis on branding.


Branding is the process of generating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind. It can be done through campaigns and advertisement with a consistent theme. Significantly, it strives to secure a differentiated presence in the market that draws and grasps loyal customers.

In simple words, branding is nothing but the customer’s perception of your company name, service or product.  It is a mental picture of who your company represents according to the consumers; where their perception is basically influenced by the elements, words, and creativity that surrounds it.


Technically, image plays a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It enhances your positioning as an expert and gives you the competitive edge with the purpose of increasing your reach and enhancing your sales.

The purpose of branding is not only to persuade the market to choose your business over your competition but also about convincing your prospects to perceive your business as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.

Brands do not only create loyal customers but also creates loyal employees. It gives them something to believe in, something to stand behind.  It helps them understand the purpose of the organization or the business. If you want to attract attention to your brand, you need to have inspiring first impression through great images. 

Having a good brand name comes from enabling your business to align both a great marketing plan and attainable objectives to fulfill the overarching strategy. As such, the brand itself is a guide to fully understand the purpose of business.

What constitutes a good brand is the decisiveness of its objectives and goals it aims to achieve. Some of the elements of decisive objectives are as follows:

  1. It sharply delivers a message.
  2. It affirms to your business’ credibility.
  3. It emotionally enkindles your target prospects with your product and or service.
  4. It motivates the buyer to patronize your products and services.
  5. A foundation of clients loyalty.


Nowadays, we breathe in a richly cultured society yet deprived of time. People formulate perception over a brand without what is it about. Without knowing its products and services better. This is the main reason why some business gives more emphasis to the brands visual identity since it is often the one that caught the customer’s attention.

Somehow, in today’s world,  the visual presentation is much essential in order to differentiate your brand effectively amongst the competition and build trust with your consumers. Furthermore, although a visual identity is a small component of your overall brand, it is the first connection formed in the mind of the consumer.

Consequently, it is paramount that the brand’s identity should be centered around creating an emotional bond between products and customer. That connection should be the personality of your brand.

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