REAL DEAL: How Bought Followers Drop You

REAL DEAL: How Bought Followers Drop You

“Buying fake followers is like letting someone hold you on your neck.” Who says that? Don’t bother researching who. It’s just from someone who works every day on Instagram and yes it’s me! I’m Allahlea Carreon and I am a Social Media Strategist focusing on...

Pronunciation Problem versus Speech Disorder

Which is harder to improve pronunciation problems or speech disorder? I want to know your thoughts. Every time I see someone in my class feeling worn-out, exhausted and drained about pronunciation problem, it breaks my heart. There are times when I didn’t even...

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Organic Followers

YES! From 14K followers, I grow it to 86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret with you.

PS. Everything is organic.

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