REAL DEAL: How Bought Followers Drop You

"Buying fake followers is like letting someone hold you on your neck." Who says that? Don’t bother researching who. It’s just from someone who works every day on Instagram and yes it’s me! I’m Allahlea Carreon and I am a Social Media Strategist focusing on Instagram...

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How to Study Efficiently

Exam. This word might repeatedly bounce in your head.  Why not? You are going to take an exam and for some (including me) paracetamol is the best-selling medicine. Well, everything is going to be fine if you are prepared but what if you're not? There is no debate on...

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Me, through the Fiestas that Passed

Talking about the traces of Spanish colonization in the Philippines, fiestas, I think are the most visible. Filipinos, until today, we're able to keep that tradition alive to honor their local patron. Yes, we celebrate fiestas and we love it! And today, my town is...

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Pronunciation Problem versus Speech Disorder

Which is harder to improve pronunciation problems or speech disorder? I want to know your thoughts. Every time I see someone in my class feeling worn-out, exhausted and drained about pronunciation problem, it breaks my heart. There are times when I didn't even...

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A Sneak Peek of the DILG Pre-Qualifying Exam

If you took the Pre-qualifying Exam already and you didn't pass, this is my only answer to you: I feel you! I took the DILG Pre-qualifying exam in Guillermo Hotel, Pagadian City. It was officiated by some people from the Central Office. I heard that there is a weekly...

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Does Alcohol Hurt You Mom

Being a mother is a bit challenging. Wait. Crash that, it's more than just challenging. It's more of terrifying. Why? Well, the thought of them gets injured while learning how to walk, the everyday routine of crying before falling asleep plus the worries whenever...

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The Great and Overused New Year Resolutions

It's January again and, most probably, you've made up your New Year's resolution. Do you find it hard to stick to it? Do you start it with this banner?        New Year, New Life It is the clichéd phrase every January first. People all over...

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Acne Psychology, The blind me

Just read a blog about acne and it was likened to a hell. Curious, I continue reading. I haven't seen that part or maybe I just don't understand the feeling. Taking on the second option , I do research about it. Type a word ACNE in the search engine. I click the first...

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So Broke

As a wife, I handle everything at home. "The everything" means all that you can think of! The thing I wanted to emphasize is the budgeting. I am not an accounting major or taken any degree of commerce. I often think that could be the reason why I always fall short or...

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How to Make You the Happiest

I woke up happy this morning. Got some plans to go out today! Then this news comes. It suddenly makes my world go down! It felt like the earth stops spinning. Why not? Somebody asks me to do the most hateful thing . "I don't want to do it!", I wanted to shout. Had you...

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