Be Secure, Have a Contract!

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Virtual Assistant, Work At Home

I have something to share about last night. And promise it is something that you’ll love to know.  

I got invited to a birthday party of a family friend. My best friend was there since we are just neighbors and we grow up together with the celebrant. The party was ecstatic. 

After dinner, we went to the rooftop since my best friend decided to breathe some fresh air. I feel something weird about her as she sat beside me and throw a big sigh. To some people, they think she never ever got any problem since she always smiles but whenever we are alone, she always let the steam out. Last night was a bit serious though. She keeps grumbling about ‘contracts’.   Finally, we are not talking about her boyfriend, I thought.

And to be honest that shocks me a bit. So I outrightly ask her, What happen? Then and there, she talked about how unsecured she feels with her new job. She got a job and started a couple of months ago, but she hasn’t signed a contract.

That just makes me think what’s the best way to ensure your tenure? Something that assures that they will not just simply dump you whenever they want to. Well, she just pointed out something that I am a bit of concern with also. I got lots of projects online where I haven’t signed a contract. It makes me scared.

 So, why do you really need a contract?

It is a known fact that no one is irreplaceable. Enterprises and entrepreneurs will always find a way to survive and thrive even after your services are no longer available. However, if you provide immense value to an organization, along with the security of being available, I think there is little motivation to replace you.


A contract can be in any form. It could be written or verbal or just form simply on a handshake deal.  A written agreement, on the other hand, is the best form of contract.  It stipulates the term of hiring, the conditions on how to terminate and the key information/description about your job. Before signing a contract though, it is advisable to read the contract thoroughly and seek a good advice to save your ass from a future world of pain. Check whether the terms and conditions are fair.

Other ways to keep a job

Other than having an ironclad contract, you can go with the following ways to keep your job. (PS. This is not a substitute to contracts, you can always do the following and get a contract). The secret to being successful in your career is to be the person whose approach and contribution to the team and employer exceed their expectations. Here’s how to do so.


Make friends, if you work with a team

Make friends to maximize your contribution to your employer. Learn to build meaningful connections with teammates, clients, and supervisors. Build a reputation as a team player or one who places team’s interests and goals above his own. Know that the first to get fired is not the least competent, but the one who can’t work with others in a team. Your ability to contribute to a colleague’s work or a client’s interests increases your value to the organization.

Make an impact

I have a story to tell, I started as a Virtual Assistant to this company and it just happens that I am assigned to tasks I do not enjoy doing – organizing papers, research, clerical jobs, named all boring stuff you know. Don’t get me wrong, I am very organized, and do a thorough triple-checking before I call something done. It’s just something that makes me feel that does not exhaust my capabilities.

What did I do you do to change that? Well, I volunteered for unassigned projects especially if it needs to be done immediately. By doing that, I choose that make a substantial difference to the business. I choose to show what I can do other than the boring, dead-end task assigned to me.

Monopolize a skill

People often said, NICHING DOWN IS GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS”. Well, I can say, it really does work. By developing or having a deep knowledge of a subject that matters to your firm, you are looked up as “Experts of the Field”. If you are an expert you always stay.

Be the  problem solver

In the end, the most secure way is to sign a contract and do all the suggested ways above.  Even an honest contractual mistake can cause serious problems, thus, is crucial that you have at least a basic understanding what you have signed. 

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