Just read a blog about acne and it was likened to a hell. Curious, I continue reading. I haven’t seen that part or maybe I just don’t understand the feeling. Taking on the second option , I do research about it. Type a word ACNE in the search engine. I click the first one, then the second, then the third until I got to click the next engine result. Wow, I read a lot of pages and most of them, if not all, talks about how to prevent acne and how to get rid of the scar. Skin appearance must be so important, I think. Stressing on that point, I summarize all I read.

Acne works this way, simple and uncomplicated.

Sebaceous gland, found in the skin pores, produces sebum, the oil. When too much sebum is released, the possibility is that the pores will clog. Too bad, clogging results to a pimple and worst to an acne. Then here comes the scar issue, the ugly one. To prevent this ugly scar, you should avoid the following, especially if you are genetically prone to it

  • Pricking your pimples
  • Use greasy cosmetics
  • Eat unhealthy foods

Some writers even suggested some remedies that can be done at home to cure and prevent acnes, but what worries me about acne is the emotional effects attached to the person, who has been suffering from this kind of condition. I started to ask myself, do I have a friend suffering from this problem? I haven’t asked my friends how they feel about it. They seem to be okay or just playing okay… hope not.

Does it really affect the individual’s confidence?

I remember my thesis in my college days. It talks about self-efficacy and how it affects the political participation of a person. Premised on the ground that the behavior of a man is largely affected by its psychological condition, the more you feel that you are unimportant in the world of politics, the more likely you will participate less. In here, how does this acne problem affect a person’s thought about himself? THE ANSWER is acne can strike while you are young and it strikes painfully. Mostly, acne comes on adolescence stage. The stage where a person’s personality is being shaped. At so tender age, people stress much on image, physical appearance and peer relationship. Sad to say, reaction and acceptance of people all around us are the standard most of us lived with for so many years. Moreover, it is needless to stress out that the attractiveness of a person affects peer acceptance. Acne victims, at this stage, develop an attitude, a social withdrawal attitude. Well, who’s to blame? Nobody wants a negative feedback. Well, I got an acne scar on my forehead and I hate it! What about you? How do see it? No matter where you are on this page, being beautiful starts with a feeling. So feel your beauty every day.

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