Hello! I’m Allahlea.

And that should be pronounced as ‘ah-la-lea’. I’ve been asked more than 20 times already on how to pronounce my name and I think that is not a coincidence. I actually wondered why my parents named me that way.  It sounds weird in all aspect.

Before, when I am not busy, you would probably see me watching movies or reading something. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a bookworm. I haven’t read something interesting since law school! Today, you would probably see me sleeping and hoping that it is not a sign of aging. LOL 

The truth is everything is not the same since I decided to be serious about being a Virtual Assistant (DOWNLOAD MY RESUME HERE). I started working online in the year 2010 as a Freelance Writer. I was still at Law School at that time and I wanted to support myself, so aside from having a full-time job day job, I put myself into a situation that I could not sleep, eat, or rest anymore. Yes, you read it right!


I changed the word DEPRIVATION to DEATH the time I got kids. But hey, I have two noisy, lovable, annoying yet adorable kids in return!  They are my everything and I love being their mom! Here they are!

Me and my daughter, Tatyana

Me and my daughter, Tatyana

My son, Nayr

My son, Nayr!

I quit my job in the office, by the way, and focus more on being a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager, where I can supervise my kids during my breaks. Working online gives me the power to perform my duties as a mother and support them financially.  During free time, I enrolled in classes to enhance my skills as a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager

Every time I need someone to work on something when I’m overwhelmed, Allahlea is the first person that I think of to get important tasks accomplished.

I have been working with Allahlea on several projects already. On those projects, she shows professionalism, ability to solve the problem, follows instruction well, and works with very little supervision. I love that she is proactive and will make recommendations on how to improve the processes that we have in place.

Anyone who has a chance to work with her will realize that they have found a “diamond in the rough.”

Christien Louviere (Atlanta, Georgia)

Content Marketing Consultant | CEO of SellPersonal



I  zero client’s pain on repetitive, boring and time-consuming or laborious task so that they can focus on more important things such as but not limited to sponsorship or closing business transactions. I manage social media, strategize campaigns, blogs, and do administrative tasks.

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You have the ability to work with a team and make things happen. You are motivated to improvise and find new solutions. You are resourceful and compelling. In terms of relationships with others, you are likely to be assertive rather than aggressive..

Ronny Weltens (Belgium)

Ronny Weltens (Belgium)

Pilot | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Consultant

“Hi, I ‘m Ronny! I’ve been working with Allahlea for a couple of months now for several projects of mine, which includes content blog (sites) on a brand new product that we’ve been launching now,  and some Amazon selling as well.

She’s been incharge mostly for all the content writing and research, and she has been doing a wonderful job so far. She’s very easy to work with! She knows her stuff, she knows how Amazon work and what’s important. She has good knowledge of SEO and most importantly she really does a good job.

She accepts criticism and she really wants to improve herself. And yeah so far, it’s all positive and I know that you’ll enjoy working with her too! “


Please point out what goals do you set, what deadlines, and what budget do you have.

Dipolog City, Philippines

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