Hello! I’m Allahlea.

And that should be pronounced as ‘ah-la-lea’. I’ve been asked more than 20 times already on how to pronounce my name and I think that is not a coincidence. I actually wondered why my parents named me that way. I don’t know what’s in my name, but in the Philippines, my beloved country, I have been assaulted by a bank guard because of my name. I was very shocked looking at his face as he read my name printed on the card.


Oh if only you were there!


Anyway, let’s talked about something else… mmmm … oh I love writing! And reading too! I believe these two are correlated. As I observed, those who love reading, loves to write and those who love writing, loves to read. Anyway, I haven’t read something interesting since law school! And I am dying to read something that can take me away from where I am now, but please not in reality (haha).

Before, if I am not busy, you would probably see me watching movies or TV Series. But now,  you would probably see me sleeping. “Signs of aging!”, my sister teased me. I say, “It’s just me and my work”. Does it sound like I’m denial of something? The heck! I embraced the big 3-0 wholeheartedly 🙂

Everything is not the same since I decided to be serious about being a Virtual Assistant (Download my resume here). I started working online in the year 2010 as a Freelance Writer. I was still at Law School at that time and I wanted to support myself, so aside from having a full-time job day job, I put myself into a situation that I could not sleep, eat, or rest anymore. Yes, you read it right!




Well, I sometimes change the word DEPRIVATION to DEATH. Everything went well…I guess. Well, I’m still alive, I passed every subject and I got good recommendations for my projects online. What to do when you can handle it all? I say put some pressure and so I did!

I got married and have kids as if I have lots of free time. but hey I have two noisy, lovable, annoying yet adorable kids in return! They, however, make me 150% busier, especially in their first year. Here they are!

Me and my daughter, Tatyana

Me and my daughter, Tatyana

My son, Nayr

My son, Nayr!

They are my everything and I love being their mom!

I quit my job in the office, by the way, and focus more on being a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager, where I can supervise my kids during my breaks. Working online gives me the power to perform two roles at the same time. 

During free time, I enrolled in classes to enhance my skills as a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager. I sometimes do gardening, too. I love flowers (who doesn’t?) and I dreamed of having a house with a very big lawn where I can plant anything and watch them bloom. Other than that, eating chocolate, silence when I am thinking (and reading), and spending the whole weekend sleeping are the next best things to do (but never happened anyway).

PS.  My husband and kids do not understand the last part. They usually tease and tickle me when I am about to sleep 🙁 

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