A Sneak Peek of the DILG Pre-Qualifying Exam

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If you took the Pre-qualifying Exam already and you didn’t pass, this is my only answer to you: I feel you!

I took the DILG Pre-qualifying exam in Guillermo Hotel, Pagadian City. It was officiated by some people from the Central Office. I heard that there is a weekly examination at the Central Office, but you need to secure first a certification from the Regional Office of your Region. They also have a new policy now, you cannot take the exam if you are not listed online so before going there, you have to double-check if you are in the list of qualified takers.

While I waited for others to come into the examination venue, I felt tense. I didn’t really know what are on those papers. I thought of lots of the possible scenarios and only 35% of the things I imagine really comes out. All the rest belongs to the unexpected.


What is DILG Pre-Qualifying Exam?

Aside from passing the Civil Service Exam, in order for you to join the Department of Interior and Local Government, you have to take this Pre – Qualifying Exam. Sometimes, I think it is really hard to find a decent job in my beloved country. There are too many qualifying exams to get through and they are even hosted by the same entity- the government.

Well, if you wanted to hire the best, you must put them in the finest screens. Passing the Pre-Qualifying Exam, on the other hand, does not mean you are hired. It only means you are qualified for the next round of assessment. So, you really need to pass this.


Examination Coverage

I do not have a picture-perfect memory, but I’ll try to remember everything. The exam was, actually, like a Civil Service Exam, but different. The exam coverage is the same, but they held it in a different way.

Before the exam starts, delegates group all the examinees. So please come earlier. In my case, they created 4 groups. They said there are different sets of test. I used to understand that as having different test papers, but, I guess, we do not actually have different test papers, we just start on different parts of the test. Talked to other people in other groups and they were able to confirm it. I was in the third group and this was the series of the test I took.


Please take note that this list is not complete.

1. Logical Reasoning Test

A logical reasoning test is a form of psychometric testing that is widely used by the corporate world to assess their candidates during their recruitment process. You have to take note that Logical Reasoning Test can be done in two ways – abstract and any random questions.


Logical Reasoning Test Sample (Random Questions)
Logical Reasoning Test Sample (Abstract)

2. Other Nonverbal Test

A. Mathematics

In this part, you have to expect that they will have a number or two from the basic mathematic concepts. Multiplication, algebra, percentage, to name a few,

You have to compute since there were no given choices. I would recommend that you start answering the easiest part first. Take note that the easiest are not the first part. The first five questions may be easy, but they are time-consuming and you do not have the luxury of time.

Also, all of the questions (hard and easy) have the same points. There is no point really in answering the hard one’s first.

Example of time-consuming number:   358,458 x 7, 789 = ?

Yes, this one happened and if you focused more on stuff like this, you will end up answering one or two numbers only. As I remembered, there were 25 questions in Mathematics and you have to answer all of it in 8 minutes.

3. Verbal Test

A. Analogy (Single and Double Analogy)

I think everybody knows this style since the Civil Service Exam also included this in the coverage.

B. General questions and some of them are about laws i.e. law on contracts, Constitution and more.

When I say general question, it really means general like who invented the fluorescent lamp, although, it is not how it was being formulated, the point of the question is almost the same.



Expect The Unexpected: The things to consider

When I was sitting waiting for the papers to be distributed, I was thinking of an approach to take. I was thinking to relax, to take my time, not to rattle, and to concentrate. I really do not know what are in those papers.

Do not expect there will be silence in the room. Delegates always count and remind everybody of the time left. Remember that there are three or more groups, so they will run a check once in a while.

I expect that it is time-constraint, but I never thought it is near to impossible. The number and time to spend in every number are super limited. You really have to think quick and you really have to trust yourself. Doubts have no room for this exam.

Unfinished? I thought I can answer some items fast, I can just come back and answer those empty spaces. I was wrong! You cannot go back and answer the unfinished items. Delegates collect all test papers after every set.

At the end, the DILG Pre-Qualifying Exam is not only designed to know whether you know the answer or not, though at first, that was exactly my thought. I ended up just believing that. This examination is more than that. It is designed to determine whether you are sharp, a quick thinker, and knowledgeable.

Recommended sites for practice:

Check the following sites to practice. I wished I knew all these before.

1. Miller Analogies for single and double analogy practices.
2. India Bix for verbal and reasoning. You can find on this site following topics: verbal ability, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, aptitude test, verbal ability test, and logical reasoning test.


Good Luck! And hey, you think this is useful? Then hit the share button! I appreciate if you’d leave a comment too. Tell me about your experience. Were there any changes? Let’s make this post a useful resource for others. Thank you!


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