A Journey to Pagadian City, the City where BRAKES are Really Needed

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As much as I want to travel, I really do not have the luxury to do that. Today is exceptional. From my city, Dipolog, I will go to Pagadian City, the capital of a nearby province. Both are in Zamboanga Peninsula. So, it is not really that far. I just took the conventional way of traveling – the bus. As the bus driver started the engine something crossed my mind, “Does it change?” It has been a long time I haven’t visited that city. The last time was, I guess, two years ago. And the time before that was also 4 years ago. Well, at least I have the chance to go there every two years. This is, I think, the fourth time for me to go there. Not much really and doesn’t really have the time to roam around.

I can still remember the first time I went to Pagadian City, I was still in college then. So far from home and it’s Lenten season, I arrived at Iligan City after I finished my research paper. When I reached Iligan City, I was shocked, disappointed and worried. There is no bus for Dipolog and I really need to go home. Well, that was Holy Thursday and the number of buses that run was limited. I sat there in the terminal, praying that God will intervene and give me a ride home. To my surprise, my sister’s roommate, Claudette Sadili, also known as Clang-Clang, whom I fondly called Clang-cling-clong, approached me and told me that I can take another route. There might be a bus from Pagadian to Dipolog. All I have to do is to go to Pagadian. So, I go with her since she lives there. I jumped from my seat. Yes, I arrived in Pagadian City and know what I ended to be the unexpected guest in their house since there was no more bus for Dipolog as well. I think there is only one bus running to Dipolog at those times. So, I stayed in their house… for 3 days. (Ouch, felt so ashamed). I was able to get a ride on Sunday, the Easter.

From Pagadian, there are two routes to Dipolog. You can choose via Ozamis, which is a longer route. It will take you 7-8 hours by bus. The other one is via Osmena, which is only 4 hours. I chose the shorter distance. Why not, after all, I really want to go home. I missed my little sisters, which is by the way, so big now. It was my first time to take that road, so every now and then, I asked, “Where are we?” Annoyed, the bus driver doesn’t even want to look at me anymore. Tell you, the speed has its price, the road was dusty and bumpy.


TIP: Cover your nose for asthmatic people!

I found it hard to even take a nap. Oh, and the bus was so overloaded. There were so many people standing. If we could just pop out of the bus, we probably could. It was totally an unsafe ride. The second time I went there was when I took the Civil Service Exam. The third time was when I accompanied my friends who took the Civil Service Exam. The fourth one was when my husband renewed his license since it is the nearest Professional Regulatory Office, and this is the fifth one. My trips were actually very short and official trips. At least not the first one, which was accidental. Wonder if I will still experience that? Well, not today. From, Satellite, Dipolog City Terminal, I see a lot of development, while the bus traverses the road to Pagadian City. It is not bumpy anymore, though a little dusty and we traveled for three hours only. What a relief!


Let me see my notes, here are some of the development in progress.

1. Bridge Construction at Punta, Dipolog City

2. Another bridge construction before we enter Osmeña

3. Canal construction

4. Concreting of shoulder

5. Re-asphalting at Mahayag

6. Bridge construction at Ramon Magsaysay

7. Road widening and repair before we reach the city proper

I heard some people say that it is normal to see many projects being implemented when election day is approaching and government officials have their own share of happiness on those projects. But, hey, let us stay positive and be thankful that our taxes are now working for our end.

Other things that I observed:

1. We arrived at Osmena an hour after and I noticed that their market-terminal is almost full.

2. Osmeña’s primary crop is corn and most of them are dying, if not dead. Where’s the rain, oh Lord?

3. Molave continues to be the rice capital of Zamboanga del Sur.

4. There are many buses running and some of them are air conditioned. Just ask at the terminal for the schedule.

5. You can stop and buy fruits on the road. Bananas and melons are available.

6. Good irrigation at New Labangan

7. I saw 2 new refueling stations on the way. So, if you travel by car. It would be enough to reach the next refueling stations. No worries at all.

8. Election posters are up! Please choose wisely. 9. The air has always been so fresh.

Bus stops:

From Satellite, Dipolog it will take one hour to reach Osmeña Public Market and Terminal. The next stop would be at Josephina, then Molave and Ramon Magsaysay. Stops do not really take long. The bus stays around 5 minutes or less depending on the passenger’s call. Enough for you to buy something or comfort yourself in the comfort room.

Where I stay

I stayed at Guillermo Hotel, where I couldn’t feel the elevator moves. Nice one! I actually don’t like riding the elevators because I don’t like the feeling when the elevator moves. I started hating elevators, now I think I have to shift my hate to the way it was constructed. Love their elevator! Guillermo Hotel is very affordable and most of the time they offer promos. You can choose with or without meals. Plus, it is very clean, simple, beautiful rooms and amenities, a 24-hour cafe and located at the heart of the city.

The Odds:

There is no parking lot. I can see some people park in front of the hotel though taking a portion of the road. Not totally safe, but I can see that it has been a habit. The staff is distant. They don’t really approach you unless you call their attention.Early morning, their cafeteria is full. Good thing there they got an extension! The bad part was that nobody turns the air-condition, not until being asked to and it’s very hot inside.

What makes PAGADIAN CITY different?

Yes, the tricycle makes it all different. This city really makes me feel nervous and excited at the same time. The first time I saw their tricycles, I laughed so hard. It was kind of absurd to have that kind of design. Never in my whole life, I saw something like that.

 This uniquely designed tricycle is, actually, built for reasons. The cab driver told me that the usual tricycle design will not really work in the city because of its hilly terrain. “Science has been proven to work in a very unexpected way”, I thought. I wonder how could people ride a cab like this every day. Oh, I will die of heart attack. When you really sit on the back part while the tricycle is moving on an elevated surface, you will really feel like lying on the road if not only because of the few inches allowance. And more of that feeling if the tricycle is fully seated or overloaded. To those who want adventure, try to go the National High School, I think it is the most slanted part of the city. The sad part is everybody seems so happy while I almost die silently. HEEEELP!

Photo Credit for Featured Image: Zamboanga.Com

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