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Yes! From 14k followers, I grow it to  86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret!  



Social Media Strategy

Growth hacks, increase engagement, lead generation, Facebook Ads, Done-For-You Curated Social Media Post, and Copywriting

Business Management

Virtually support professionals, solo-prenuers, and agencies on the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, strategies & content 

Web Design and Development

Offering web design that counts because SALE is not only because it’s beautiful. It’s more on the design that generates leads.

“When looking to hire an assistant for my growing business, I had such a hesitation to give up control to anyone, let alone someone I met on the internet. But, I have to say that hiring Lea was the absolute best decision I made for myself and my business! Lea has not only taken my business to new heights but also lightened my load significantly. She is always available when I need her, responds promptly, is open to do whatever I ask or need from her, and does everything with a joyful attitude! We added another team member last year, and I felt completely comfortable giving Lea full control in managing the new hire, and she has exceeded my exceptions with her managerial skills as well. I love having Lea on my team because she treats my company as her own in every aspect. I don’t know how I could run my business without her!”

Daryl Ann Denner (Los Angeles, California)

Blogger | Author of Something Beautiful, The Blog

What other People are Saying

“She is definitely a cool writer and has an excellent communication skill. She met the requirements and she even extended her working hours just to meet the deadline”

John Michael Lim

“Great job! I will definitely hire her again.Thank you!”

Jeremiah Say

“I worked with Allahlea 2-3 times already and I will continue working with her. She is flexible and can provide quality works on time.”

Tepsarit Latharntong 

“A professional writer. I recommend her to all who are looking for a good writer.”

Patriz Nicole Gueco

Say GOODBYE to boring, repetitive Project Management and do that thing ONLY YOU CAN DO!


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Sharing with you my story, experience, and knowledge,  Don’t worry it’s a front seat ticket.  AllahleaFinallySpeaks is a note of all things I care about.


Why Fashion Bloggers Should Not Buy Instagram Followers

Fashion Bloggers should not buy Instagram followers, if you'll ask me.  Fashion bloggers, nowadays, are proliferating! We can see them anywhere on Instagram and hashtagging LikeToKnowIT! Talking of Instagram, it has become one of the top new sales platforms for...

How Important Images are to your Brand

  My childhood days are still fresh in my memories. I remembered every time we had family gatherings, taking photos is always one of the best parts. I love looking at their big smiles even though we were taking the photos over again for the tenth time just to have a...

7 Things I Hate About Working Online

 The online job may be a dream for some, but it has its pitfalls. I have been working online for about 7 years or more now and I played too many roles. I have been a Writer, Transcriber, Researcher, Social Media Managers,  ESL teacher to Chinese Learners, Virtual...

REAL DEAL: How Bought Followers Drop You

"Buying fake followers is like letting someone hold you on your neck."    Who says that? Don’t bother researching who. It’s just from someone who works every day on Instagram and yes it’s me! I’m Allahlea Carreon and I am a Social Media Strategist focusing on...

How to Spot Fake or Spam Accounts on Instagram

Fakes! - They are problems not only in real life but also on Social Media. Sickest part? They exist on all platforms, not just on Instagram. I am not talking about those people who created a second account which usually does not spam other people. Believe me, there...

How to Study Efficiently

Exam. This word might repeatedly bounce in your head.  Why not? You are going to take an exam and for some (including me) paracetamol is the best-selling medicine. Well, everything is going to be fine if you are prepared but what if you're not? There is no debate on...

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YES! From 14K followers, I grow it to 86.4k followers in less than a year. It’s amazing, I know! And I want to share that secret with you.

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